See the official crowning of King Charles III

See the official crowning of King Charles III

King Charles III is officially crowned as the new head of the monarchy, following the passing of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, last year. See the moment the five-pound crown is placed on his head.

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(49 commentaires)

  1. For God to save the King, The King must not violate his Oath to govern according to the Gospel, His mother violated her oath which is punished by hanging, it never happened, I would love to see if this King will violate his Oath. I will bet He will. so its all a charade?

  2. Appointed when already become a grandparent. So sad. Because the mother wants to be queen for life, beating the long record of all male monarchs in history around the world.


  4. The Lord YESHUA is the only KING of kings….. Every believer in in Christ Jesus should be careful and renounce his Lordships , because their are so many hidden things going on that you can’t see . The Lord God of ISRAEL, don’t establish a throne by different faiths ,be wise folks

  5. 2:11 I wonder if Prince George realizes that one day he will be sitting on the throne going through this same ceremony. He’s so young, but his day will eventually come.

  6. Am David I was praying for open door in Salvation Ministries today to marry Lady Louise Windsor on this account I will be in UK next year if I succeed even I will return with her. Concerning United Nations Fellowship.. Home of presidents, from scripture Until the cloud is full of rain that is when it will pour on the earth. Mrs Eugenie Brooksbank is the princess to walk with. Until then bye my king

  7. 2

  8. My King you really need the angelic voice of Malachi Bayoh ❤ in your palace ❤❤

  9. Did any one notice priest giving a side eye to guy holding the crown and he later takes to crown it 😂😂😂

  10. Im here because i just found out that this whole thing coast 100 million pounds… I wonder what the poor people think about this ?

  11. The music was glorious throughout the ceremony. The singing superb. The sound perfectly amplified by the church’s structure.

  12. So much blood in the royal families hands all the war crimes by both USA and nato disgraceful

  13. That was Westminster Abbey you bloody fool! Not Buckingham Palace. Yet another example of American stupidity

  14. Hail the Oldenburg dynasty, that officially now has replaced the Windsors

  15. To me it was nice to see all major Christian sects (Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant and Anglican) give their blessing to Charles

  16. that guy is not your king, his family killed your king, remember that and let that sink in

  17. There will be no next. Get right with God everyone. He’s the one and only true King! All those lights in there, and his pupils are FULLY dilated. An odd sight, to be sure.

  18. King Charles on the most recent People magazine cover reminded me of the KING VITAMIN cereal from the 1970s and the IMPERIAL margarine commercial from around the same time…..Doo Doo daa daa da da DAA👑 (I want burger kinh😊)

  19. The United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Northern Irland,Can Charles III still rule and do Not Collapse all parts country

  20. Did anyone notice if the Stone of Scone was under the King’s Coronation Chair? I did not see it.

  21. Phillip must have been so disappointed and angry with him for messing up his marriage with Diana.I think after the divorce and death of Diana a lot of people have lost faith in the monarchy.The whole thing has been such a sad needless shame.I don’t think Charles will be King for long.

  22. You know, no one except Brits got to see Elizabeth crowned. Now, thanks to modern technology, the world gets to see a British Monarch crowned. Watching this, though, makes me wonder what he’s thinking. He looks sad and tired.

  23. Listen, strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.

  24. Of course the King has had to wait a very long time indeed for this moment. However, if he lives as long as his parents, he should still have a reign of about 20 to 25 years or so. I wish him and his Queen all success in their new role – I am sure they will do it very well.

  25. The pope was there. That really summed it up. What a circus these royals and their Allies are

  26. Aur kyunki aapane ya nahin samajhna hai ki meri vajah se aap logon ki koi kam hui hai ya koi aapka yah sab khane peene wale log hai yah Aapka Paisa ka jaate Hain aap se mangte Hain Ham Aapke jagat puri duniya mein banega puri duniya aapki Kadar paise ki karegi Koi Paisa Nahin Le Koi bus system aapka aap ka naam hai chalega insaan

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